My name is Isabel, the owner and hair designer for Studio 26.2, a small studio for clients who want high quality hair services.  I trained in New York, Los Angeles and South America, and have more than 20 years of experience.  I attend continuing education seminars online or in person to maintain my professional knowledge, and I'm licensed by the Ontario government as a hairdresser.

As a professional, I follow an intake process for new clients.  First, a 30-minute consultation in which I'll assess your hair, discuss your expectations regarding how you want your hair to feel and look, and provide my professional advice as to how we can achieve what you want. There is no charge for this consultation. If you wish to continue, we can then make an appointment to begin the implementation of what you've decided upon. I'll advise you ahead of time with regard to everything I do, and ensure you understand the cost.  I will reconfirm your satisfaction and your goals on each visit, and adjust my approach accordingly.

My business model is based on quality - the best products, the best techniques, and the best look for you!

(en Studio 26.2 hablamos espanol tambien!)